Our Values

Our Values

Vakils believes in these core values and uses them to define who we are and how we work as a company. These values have sustained us for well over 60 years and will continue to support our success as a integrated print & premedia company that delivers unparalleled service to our customers, provides a satisfying and challenging work environment for our employees, and creates long-term value for our stakeholders.


All of us are proud to be part of the Vakils Family. Vakils cares about its people – its people care about each other – and they care about Vakils. The Vakils Family is characterized by a tradition of mutual respect and responsibility. Vakils responsibility is to create an environment where development, growth and opportunity are fostered. As employees, we are all expected to demonstrate these principles in working with each other and to use our best efforts for the good of the company.


At Vakils, we strive to “do the right thing right, the first time.” We all share a dedication to deliver the highest possible quality product and service to both our internal and external customers. We are committed to continuously improving our processes and procedures to produce the best possible product and service, in the most efficient manner, while retaining the flexibility to meet immediate customer challenges.


Vakils business begins with our commitment to understanding our customer’s needs, and ends with delivering best-in-class solutions and service that meet our customer’s needs in every way. Our continued success depends on an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do for the customer.


Vakils embraces innovation. However, we do not pursue innovation for innovation’s sake – we pursue innovation with discipline to ensure that new ideas, products and work methods drive real and significant improvements in quality and service, and ultimately customer satisfaction.


We act with integrity in all of our dealings with stakeholders, in all of our relationships with each other, and as ambassadors of Vakils to the rest of the world. We respect everyone, communicating openly and honestly. We deliver on our promises.


Vakils encourages teamwork on every level – both formally and informally – because the nature of all of our businesses requires the collective best efforts of many individuals. We encourage a collaborative environment that takes advantage of our diverse Vakils Family resources to provide the best-in-class solutions and service needed by our customers.