Stretching for sustained excellence

Sustained excellence has been Vakils’ vision, mission and raison d’etre at all times. The success of the 8-year young Vakils Premedia is founded on the strong credentials of its 60+ year parent company, who have been pioneers in every development in the media, publishing and communications industry.

  • Over 150,000 artworks created to date for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Deployment of cutting edge technologies and systems for design, operations and delivery – software, hardware and infrastructure
  • Dedicated teams for client management and coordination – clear accountability, fully trained, competent and robust talent pool, impeccable customer relationship management
  • Operational excellence delivered through a multi-layer model for efficient integration of technologies, processes and workflow management
  • Expert knowledge and thorough understanding of all relevant legislations and requirements (MHRA, EMEA and FDA). Additional capabilities in regulatory compliance for labeling and serialization
  • Certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 comprehensive training on SOP to follow GMP and QMS guidelines and development program for entire staff.
  • Meticulous SOPs for all production processes
  • Robust IT systems and data security standards. Dedicated facilities for data security and confidentiality
  • Robust and fail-proof disaster recovery and business continuity programs and protocols.

It is this strength and advantage we offer our clients to help them tackle their multi-faceted challenges – consistency of quality, scalability, cost pressures, adherence to diverse and demanding standards and regulatory compliance, data security, workflow integration between multiple stakeholders, deadline pressures.


100% quality through robust technology solutions, processes and services

Significant cost savings against in-house production costs; lower costs than US and European service providers

High scalability – ease and ability to handle all volume surges

“Wow” client engagement and collaboration

Continuously improving internal R&D process

Guaranteed KPI adherence

Comprehensive risk management