Digitalise your visual aids

We offer e-detailing solutions for pharma companies and their sales representatives to make a serious impact on sales force effectiveness. We help field teams make the most out of every minute shared with the doctor, to make your brands the option of choice.

In the past a sales might have waited hours in a reception room before being offered a brief window to present a product to a physician. Now with e-detailing, pharmaceutical firms can establish brand awareness, increase familiarity and facilitate sales using remote marketing.

What can you do with e-detailing?

  • Increase sales growth
    Increase sales growth with increased engagement of the MR and physician
  • Improve data credibility
    Improve data credibility with reference links
  • Localisation
    Go beyond mere translation by endorsing local cultural differences in the ways you display content, design, imagery, animation, effects and navigation in your eDetailing.
  • Remote Detailing Assets
    Create interactive components, deliver personalized key-message and guarantee greater physician involvement through multichannel communication.