The Digital Signature of Trust in Customer Engagement


Orchestrating customer touch points

Today, multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process that spans diverse communication channels. Added to this is the higher expectation of personalized interactions from customers. Beyond coordination, this demands digital orchestration of all customer touchpoints – and this what Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) does so well.

OCE is an innovative strategy that enables Life Sciences companies to integrate customer- engagement activities across the organization, powered by strong information management. The OCE platform also aligns sales and marketing functions to create commercial models without being constrained by organizational silos. Complex communication channels are managed seamlessly to run effective campaigns personalized to customer needs and preferences. This results in stronger bonds of customer trust, improved brand loyalty, and ease of achieving commercial goals and objectives.

Less silos, more collaboration

By removing the restraints that separate vertical functions, OCE brings in horizontal integration across the four vital customer- engagement areas of multichannel marketing (MCM), sales force effectiveness (SFE), market access and medical affairs. Combining automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and intuitive user interfaces, the OCE platform reduces friction, enhances productivity, and enables value-added decision-making to deepen customer engagement.

Such an engagement is critical for life sciences companies to educate healthcare professionals on how certain therapies can improve and save patients’ lives. OCE helps to create this trust by streamlining communications and coordinating customer interactions, It improves organizational efficiencies leading to faster time-to-market of new therapies and higher profits. Additionally, it empowers brand marketers to run edge digital campaigns at scale.

Little wonder organizations such as Astra Zeneca, Chiesi, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Roche, and many more deploy the OCE platform to gain comprehensive understanding of their customers and refine their strategies for better engagement.

Digitizing sales content and making it mobile-friendly makes it interactive and more interesting to healthcare professionals. E-Detailing expertise for OCE platforms achieves better customer engagement, thereby enabling pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies to deliver better service to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.


At Vakils Premedia, we are certified to navigate the OCE platform and create platform-compliant content. We have created OCE visual aids (e-Detailers) for several markets including France, UK, Switzerland, Asia Pacific, South Africa. Our e-Detailing solutions improve data credibility, increase sales and create interactive components of multichannel communication for greater physician involvement.

Imagine the benefits of bringing together the triple advantage of automation of multichannel marketing, the human touch of personalized sales and the force of next-generation technologies to boost the RoI on every front – customer experience, brand loyalty, revenues and profits. This is what OCE brings to the table – and companies that are willing to reimagine people, process and technology approaches can gain the much-coveted competitive advantage.