Designing Experiences, Not Just Products

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” Steve Jobs’ prophetic words are today causing a major shift in thinking in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies are realizing that more than their products it requires putting their customers - with their clinical and behavioral needs - at the core.

Yet, a traditionally horizontal customer relationship management (CRM) strategy will not work for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, which has its unique goals and challenges. Designing and deploying an individualized CRM solution for life sciences companies calls for a thorough understanding of customer interactions across clinical, safety, support, sales and marketing operations.


The answer lies in the challenges

Beyond the shared challenges of rising competition, reducing margins and fragmented customer communication channels, life sciences companies battle some unique problems. How can they expand their product portfolio beyond geographies and market boundaries to more customers and patient groups and customers? How can they address diverse regulatory reform and compliance pertaining to marketing and promotional materials? How can they overcome access and trust restraints with healthcare professionals? How can they address margin pressures from a payer-led market?

As much as these challenges impact revenue, cost, market growth and customer engagement, they are also the areas where the answers lie. Creative integration of strategy, processes and technology in CRM solutions can add tremendous value to life sciences and pharma companies. This calls for intelligently bringing together market alignment, account planning, mobility, social engagement, and personalized marketing.

In short, it calls for a multichannel CRM that allows relevant, timely conversations based on a 360-degree customer view and insights – and enabled by next generation technologies.

Seamless orchestration of customer interactions

Multichannel capabilities and real-time insights help engage customers in the way and channel they prefer. A modern and continually-evolving CRM solution networks with industry users to aggregate and analyze data and information for speedy, personalized and accurate decision-making – which in turn enables companies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and drive business growth.

Such a solution will smoothly integrate the following elements of CRM to grow business through enhanced customer loyalty.

  • Empower teams with visibility into all customer interactions for insights – even with hard-to-reach healthcare professionals
  • Innovatively visualize data to deliver the right information when needed, and leverage pre-existing dashboards to create insights customized for different roles and activities
  • Deploy next-generation user interfaces to deliver the best experience across all devices - mobile, tablet, and laptop
  • Enable closed-loop marketing with easy to access digital content
  • Be cloud compatible and integrable to unify customer data, events, location alignments, etc

In our experience we have found Veeva CRM to be a holistic and innovative solution that empowers commercial teams with customer insights and best practices to transform customer experiences. As a Veeva certified partner in the areas of CRM, Email and Veeva Engage Meeting, we enable deep engagement with omni-channel content design and creation. Our e-Detailing solutions with interactive components of multichannel communication improve data credibility for clients across the globe, facilitate greater physician involvement and increase sales and growth.

Into the future, life sciences companies will launch not just products but experiences. Beyond clinical efficacy, the experiences they provide will be critical differentiators for success. Solutions and services that cater to this need must combine design and analytical thinking to focus on total customer journeys that will keep organizations ahead in the competitive curve.