Charities 11 We enter a classroom where preparations are in full swing for tomorrow’s Annual Day. The interior is brightly coloured, with neatly stacked books, and shelves stocked with toys and learning aids. On the walls, the teachers have proudly exhibited their students’ masterpieces. The children are then sitting around three guide circles drawn on the floor with their teachers tending to them. “Each student receives individual attention. Children with learning difficulties are not singled- out and share the same classroom but we have special programs too”, says Rahul Ursekar, our guide and senior executive from Muktangan’s human resources team. We spend some time with the toddlers and talk to the teachers. We are perplexed by their learning approach, thinking to ourselves how it is so much better than some private schools. As we make our way out, masses of tiny feet follow to practise for tomorrow’s dance act in the hall. Down the corridor we are offered beverages and Rahul insists that we try some seasonal fruit. “Children in the school receive mid-day meals from the government but do not have access to fresh fruits, so we ensure that we serve fruit everyday” he says. The contributions that BBG makes to Muktangan are utilised for the kindergarten students. This age is the most crucial in the development of a child and hence demands the most care. Special care is provided in the form of emotional support and learning disability help. The curriculum also encourages a sense of community learning. It is clear that by supporting Muktangan BBG Mumbai is providing the children opportunities that would otherwise not have been possible. These funds make a huge difference to the lives of these children and their overall growth. Our members’ contribution of Rs. 700,000 is put to good use buying books, learning aids and other supplies including a daily dose of the goodness of fruit! The older children listening to their teacher's instructions.